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10 Screen Free Activities We Do Everyday

If you are like me your kids are home and they are little tots you have probably done every craft you could think of, yes we’ve even made slim yall, watched every cartoon that is on Hulu, and absolutely cannot come up with anything else because you are exhausted as a parent. Well here are a list of things we do every day to try to spice up our day.

Fun Activities

  1. Bike. We usually go on a bike ride every single day. We always find treasures and painted rocks. My kid love getting outside and riding around the neighborhood. If your kids aren’t old enough to bike you can do a wagon or stroller. We love biking. I highly recommend the balance bike for your little one starting at 18months. You can find our favorite balance bike Strider one on Amazon. My first used it and now my little girl rides everywhere. It is great exercise. I will either ride my bike or run /walk behind them.


2. Fish. We love going fishing. We have a lot of ponds in our neighborhood. You can always just research around your area the closes lake and grab a fishing pole and worms or crickets at your local sport goods store.


3. Coloring. We love coloring. I usually print something for them our create fun coloring books. Here is a free Dino Coloring book or you to download. I staple pages together and my kids will color for a good hour.

Free Coloring Book

Click the link to download below for your free printbale.


4. Costumes. My kids love to wear costumes. We have Elsa, Anna, PJ Mask, you name it we have. They will sometimes even sleep in their costumes if I let them. They are a lot of fun. Amazon again for the win!


5. Paint. We are always painting something rocks, paper, boxes, faces. Ha. We will use q-tips or paint brushes. Washable paint goes a long way. I usually have extra stack of paper plates handy to use To pour the paint onto and we have art hour.


6. Nugget. The Nugget. If you don’t already have the nugget it is a must get. Mine play with theirs everyday. They build forts, tents, its been a rocket ship, obstacle course. You name it the nugget has been every object under the sun.


6. Hike. We go hiking a lot and to different farms. You should have a few farms you can go pick blackberries, veggies, strawberries during the season. We love doing this and supporting our local parks and farmers.


7. Reading. I love having the kids do quiet time and read. Technically they cannot read yet but I try to schedule time for them to look at books and read to each other or by themselves.

Highlights Magazines are our jam lately.


8. Puzzles. We love floor puzzles. I know some kids are even do 100-500 pieces. Here are few of our favorites that they do most every day. We love anything Melissa and Doug for puzzles.


9. Water Play. Anything water table, pool, water hose, water bucket sprinklers. You name it they play with water every day now that we have hit May and its summertime in Texas. If you don’t have a pool get one today! Your kids will love it!


10. Sports. We try to play soccer, kickball, or t-ball every day. We will walk to the open field park or just play in our back yard. They love the new kick ball we just purchased and its been super fun to do during the day.

Tennis Ball-T-Ball


I hope this list helps you with some fun activities for your kids this summer. Our parks are finally open and swim lessons and other things but we will still try to do this activities over the summer. We have made a lot of fun memories being in quarantine. Get your free Scavenger Hunt Bundle below too. Feel free to share this article for other Moms to get their free resources. Thanks for following Mamma-Tribe. Don’t forget to subscribe for more goodness.


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