11 Ways To Get Motivated When You are De-Motivated

Mamma Motivation

Like most of us Moms, stay at home or work from home, where do you find time and energy to get motivated? Especially right now when all the kids are home and the struggle is real with trying to balance it all. Home-Life Balance can be a challenge. What is that exactly? Ha. So how do you get unstuck, out of your rut, and motivated in your life right now? I wanted to share some tips and tricks that have helped me a lot this year.

Motivational Steps

1.Make your bed. Yup wake up and make your bed. Starting off the day accomplishing just one small task will help you accomplish more task.

2. Rearrange your furniture. Decluttering. Getting rid of things that you do not love is energizing and gives you so much more space and can help you feel lighter. I love getting rid of our old furniture and painting certain pieces different colors to freshen things up. It is exciting to have projects around the home. Re-paint your whole house. Why not?

3. Start a side hustle. Open up a Shopify Shop, Etsy, or Teacher Pay Teacher Store. It is a lot of fun creating and then selling something you make. Why not?

4. Goal setting. Get you a new journal and starting journaling your goals. Yes I cant say this enough writing things down can help you stay accountable. I love getting a new planner or now they have beautiful digital ones you can try.

5. Hobbie. What is something you love to do, a passion, that you forgot you had maybe because you had kids and just never found the time to get back to it. Mine has been writing again. I have always loved writing but once I had kids that quickly stopped. I am find joy in blogging and writing again. It has brought me new goals and new energy.

6. Plan a Trip. Yes, even if its some where small or somwhere close. 2-3 hours away. Go to the lake, go camping, go somewhere new. I absolutely love a new adventure and changing up the scenery.

7. Find a Challenge. It could be a gratitude challenge where you write down something you are grateful for for 30 days, or healthy eating challenge, or an exercising challenge. Anything that can add value to your life do it.

8. Family. Make time for your family and go on family walks or bike rides, set out 30mins a day where you all do something together. Ask your kids what they want to go do? It could open your day up to new opportunity to do something you have never done. My kids biked 2 miles today while I ran and they are 3 and 4 years old. I found a way to workout and what better way than modeling it for my kids.

9. Podcast. Listen to a podcast of someone new. Read a new book. Learn something new. I can not believe the things I have learned starting this blog. I mean it has been a total learning curve. This day in time you can always figure something out with google. I love how empowering it is to live right now. There is not much we cannot do or learn if we really put our minds to it.

10. Volunteer. Find something your passionate about and volunteer your time. If you don’t know what that is start in your community, start in your neighborhood. Meals on Wheels, Foster a Child, Habitat for Humanity, donate your time if or when you get the time back. Maybe it is simply bringing can goods to the little pantry box at your church or painting a rock and leaving in your neighbors yard. Spread some joy. Bloom where you are planted.

11. Shop. Yes reward yourself sometimes. This past 3 months have been crazy. I always look forward to buying my some new shoes or new accessories or a new summer outfit. Whatever it is buy you something new here and there. Jane always has fun stuff for me to browse and the app makes it super convenient. Especially as a Mamma of two toddlers.

More Mamma Motivation

I hope this little list helps you find a little more motivation during this epidemic. I know it is easy to be stressed and lack the energy to workout. However, those are the days you need to get up and get moving the most.What gets you moving and motivated during seasons you lack energy and stuck in a rut? Feel free to comment below. Also, subscribe to Mamma -Tribe for your own personal free goal crushing printable. If this article inspired you please share with your friends. Sharing is caring. Thank you.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” C.S Lewis

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