5 Easy Ways That Develop Amazing Fine Motor Skills

My little boy has amazing fine motor and gross motor skills. We started early on developing this and you can tell by his beautiful coloring and handwriting. His scissor skills are on point too. I strongly encourage starting early developing the fine motor skills. Here are some fun activities we did when he was younger.

  1. Popcorn Activity. You can use plastic tongs or ones you have in the kitchen. Have them transfer popcorn to a water bottle. This was simple and fun to do.

2. Pipe Cleaners and a spaghetti drainer. I had him place the pipe cleaners though the drainer and it was very tedious but he stayed busy working on this. Another great fine motor activity.

3. Dot Stickers. You can write their name on a big piece of paper and have them use dot stickers to trace their name. This also helps to develop those little fine motor skills. Super Easy.

4. Building Blocks. I used this activity to teach him categorizing and colors. Building towers and different things with blocks can also help to develop fine motor skills. These along with legos are fantastic for developing those small muscles in the hands and fingers.

5. Scissors and Tissue paper. I would get tissue paper and construction paper and he would cut around the edges of the construction paper to practice early on with kid scissors and the I would have him tear little piece of tissue paper off and glue it to the flower or different pictures for that day. One important skill they want to know how to do before entering Kindergarten is using scissors appropriately and then writing their names on their paper. This all takes excellent fine motor skills. The earlier you start the better.

I know for sure these activities helped my 4 year old. He can already write his name, he can use scissors very well, and his coloring is beautiful. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Mamma Tribe for more inspiration.

What are your thoughts?