5 Super Fun Ways To Teach Sight Words

Do you want your child to be a confident reader? Then as a parent and teacher, after the alphabet comes learning the sight words. My little boy is 4 and very much a kinesthetic learner so I designed some fun activities for him to do around that. I am excited for him to start learning and recognizing his sight words. After that, comes learning to read. I have been looking forward to this stage so much! He is super high energy and I found some unique ways to teach him his sight words so that he can then learn to read smoothly.

Bean Bag Toss

First, I would gather all my materials the night before if you can so that it takes less prep the next morning.


  1. Paper Plates
  2. Bean Bags or Soft Ball to throw.
  3. Paint Stick or Marker to label.
  4. Hand Prints for high fives.
  5. Tape
  6. Chalk
  7. Sight Word Cards. (Free when you subscribe)
  8. Blocks
  9. Water Spray
  10. Dry Erase Board

Step 1: I labeled the paper plates with some of the 40 Dolch sight words for prekindergarten and taped them onto our garage. You can use inside wall or outside somewhere else. The garage worked great for us.

Step 2: I would call out a sight word and he would throw the bean bag and try to hit it. He loved it!

Step 3: After we went through all of them, I had him say each word out loud and then try to hit the word again.

Step 4: I plan to try to do this every week so that he can learn all 40 words over the summer.

High Five Sight Words

Next, we did a high five sight word game. I labeled some hand prints with certain sight words and then I would call out the word and he would jump up and give it a high five. This was a super fun and easy prep activity for my high energy kid.

Chalk Sight Words

Step 1: I wrote in chalk the same sight words we have been working on this week.

Step 2: I would call out a word from our flash cards and he would spray it off with his spray bottle. You can also have them find the sight word and jump on it or scratch it out with chalk.

Sight Word Fun

Block Sight Words

If your child likes to build you can label blocks and have them build the sight words using lego blocks. This is another activity that will improve their fine motor skills.

Writing Sight Words

You can use a simple white board and dry erase marker to help your child learn to start writing their sight words. Kids love using little white boards. My little boy loved doing this. I think he practiced writing a good 25 of them. We went over reading them at the same time as well.


Learning your sight words is a major confidence builder. Dolch’s sight words make up 50-75% of the words in children’s text and knowing these list of high frequency words give young readers a huge advantage when attempting to read and a boost in their confidence. Pre-K has 40, then you can move on to Kinder Sight Words, then 1st, and 2nd. There are a total of 220.

Learning sight words is an amazing foundation for your child to learn to read and learn new vocabulary. A lot of the sight words do not follow the basic phonics principles, thus can not necessarily be sounded out like other words. That is why learning these first are so important. I hope these activities have inspired you to teach sight words to your children. It really can help boost their confidence when learning to read.

I would encourage parents to really take the time to teach them these 40 high frequency words before they enter Kindergarten because they appear so often in text and can help improve their reading fluency.

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