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5 Super Simple Father’s Day Card Crafts

Easy Peezy Crafts

We love making crafts and sitting down at the table making a mess. Here are some fun ideas for Dad since Father’s Day is coming up. These take no time to make and we had a lot of fun.

1.Hands Down The Best Dad Ever. This was so fun to make. You just paint your little ones hands blue with washable paint and have them press down on the paper plate with their palms. You can use any colors that you have. We went with blue here because it is my little girls favorite color right now. Have fun.

Material: Blue Paint, Paper Plate, Glue, Construction Paper and Marker.

2. Fatherhood, You Nailed It. So on this one you paint your child’s foot and you can use any color we wanted it to look more like a hammer so we went with brown. We just drew nails at the bottom with a color pencil and that was it. Also, we just cut piece of brown construction paper for the handle. Easy Peezy and glued it on the white construction paper. You can then frame this for the perfect craft for Dad.

3. Dad, You’re The Coolest. My little girl loved this one. She was all in on this herself. If you don’t have the cute little googley eyes just use something else around the house or contraction paper will work or you can just draw them in. My kids love popsicles in the summer so they loved making this one.

Material: Scissors, Blue Construction Paper, Popsicle Stick, Glue, Marker, and Eyes.

4. Dad, You’re FIN-tastic. My husband is a true fisherman so we did this one last year and it is so simple and easy. Just cut out a fish shape and have your kids make thumbprints on the fish and ta dah. So cute. We love homemade cards.

5. Best Dad I Ever Saw. Another simple one. You just cut out a saw with little jagged edges and glue it onto construction paper. If Dad is a handyman this is the perfect craft.

I hope you add this unique cards to your special Father’s Day Gifts this year. Dad will love the thoughtfulness and the special creativity it took to make it. Enjoy. What else will you be making? Please share and comment below. I would love to see what you make. Thanks for reading and please subscribe to Mamma-Tribe below for a weekly inspirational email and more freebies.

Download You Freebie Father’s Day Printable Here.


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