5 Ways To Lose Weight

So as I sit and write this article I think back on my pregnancy journey. I was lucky enough to only gain around 30lbs, all of which more than half was at the beginning. I tapered off thank goodness maybe because of the heartburn or the fact I walked 5miles or more everyday, did prenatal yoga once a week, or because I joined a Fit4baby class twice a week. I can only imagine if I wasn’t so active how much weight it would have been. So many days I had zero energy and all I wanted to do was nap, but I didn’t I got up and moved.

What kept me going was how much research proves the health benefits of exercising while pregnant. After all, I wanted an all natural birth and to bounce back quickly so I kept moving!! Now the day I went into labor I jogged and walked close to 6miles. I was on a mission to get that baby out as natural as possible because I didn’t want to get induced. However, for now I want to share with you how I got back down to my pre pregnancy weight in only 3 short months. Again, I was on a mission to be back to my normal weight as fast as possible because I missed my healthy self.

I remember the next day after I got home with my now 4 year old little boy Trevor, going on a 15min walk with him like I didn’t just go through a 30hr labor. Yes insane right but that goes back to my type A personality.  Here are the top 5 things I would suggest you start with first. Before you do anything, you need to get cleared by your doctor which is around 6 weeks. For me I  got cleared at  5 weeks but started working out again at 3 weeks. So what did I do to lose the baby fat??

  1. 80% of it is nutrition. You have to eat clean. You are no longer pregnant so basically you shouldn’t have too many cravings. Things you should eat are fruits, veggies, grilled meats, salads, smoothies, almonds, walnuts, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, yogurt, eggs, tofu, brown rice, etc. If you are nursing you need to make sure to eat 250 more calories to keep up your supply. Try not to eat out and stay away from fast foods and fried foods.
  2. Go on walks outside. While I was pregnant I took a baby carrier class. I ended up purchasing a Boba Wrap, and it was Trevor’s favorite thing in the world. He would nap in it while I walked every single time. He still loves it.
  3. Light weights. Do light weights such as 20 squats, 20 lunges, 20 pushups, 20 bicep curls with 5lb dumbells, 20 crunches on the yoga ball and repeat 3 times. I would do this in front of Trevor and he laughed and smiled at me. He still loves when I work out in front of him. Join a fit4mom class too. Look it up in your area. I met so many friends through mine.
  4. Drink lots of water. I mean gallons. Drink water nothing else just water!! My hubby bought me a 32oz yeti and it forces me to drink loads of water everyday. This flushes out your system and also helps to clear up your skin.
  5. Accept the new you. Last but not least, give yourself a break. You just had a baby. Embrace the fact you are new mom and you will get back in shape. I love setting a good example for my kids. Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle choice and everyday you have the option to ignore making healthy choices or deciding to make no more excuses and get it done. It’s a mindset.

I would focus on one goal at a time, one step at a time, maybe it’s starting with a 10minute walk for 30 days. Then 20mins. Maybe, it’s eating better for 90 days. Focus on one thing at a time to improve at because this will set you up for success. Now go be that new fit Mamma on the block who rocks pushing a stroller up the hill! You got this!!

What are your thoughts?