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Are You Crushing Your Mamma Goals?


How are you responding to this epidemic right now? Are you rocking your 2020 goals or letting the pandemic get to you? Well I’m here to encourage you to keep focusing and working on your goals!! Today! If you are reading this right now be ready for some inspiration.

Where in your current life are you feeling guilty, or let down, or defeated? Where is their room for improvement or room for growth? What are your goals? Better yet, what are your dreams? What are your wildest craziest dreams? Today is the day to figure it out. You should have way more time on your hands lately to sit down and answer these. Write them down. Say them out loud! This time is perfect to reflect on your next steps once the world opens back up.

Are u just surviving or are you thriving in the midst of chaos? If you aren’t thriving and feeling amazing then something needs to change. Maybe it’s your mindset, your self talk, your perspective, but this will not be the hardest thing you ever go through. Once you start accepting this new normal, this new way of life, and letting go of how life use to be, your life will change.


We as a family are trying to make this situation as authentic and joyful as we can. Yes there are stressful days, being home all day 24/7, working from home, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, dishwasher after dishwasher. In those movements, I stop and say ok Tamara, you are blessed to be stressed over forgetting to start the dishwasher before bed even though now we are out of spoons. Yes Jesus you are right, I’m blessed to wipe up the five hundredth spill off the floor my toddler just made. Yes I’m blessed to get frustrated that every single time I have to go to the grocery store I have to wear a mask because yes I miss smiling at a stranger. Yet, here we are happy and healthy and there are so many others who are not.

Who else has been day dreaming about going out to a nice restaurant and letting someone else make you and your family a nice dinner so that we don’t have to worry about the messes, the dishes and cleaning up afterwards?

Back to the authentic joy, are your creating joy while at the same time crushing your goals? Well If not you should be. Stop wasting time. Here are ways to help you start crushing your Mamma goals!

  1. Physical goal: Maybe you want to lose that last 10lbs? Or workout more? Then what’s stopping you. Oh but I need the right shoes or the gym is closed. No sister I’m here to tell u, you don’t. You can move your body right now. Go for a walk, do some jumping jacks. There are a million ways to workout right now even during quarantine. They even have virtual races you can sign up to do. Write it down and make it happen.
  2. Professional goal: I’m furloughed and stuck in a rut right now or I’m in a career I don’t like or I’m in a career I absolutely hate. What are your goals professionally right now? Maybe you want a career change because you don’t feel fulfilled. Figure out your gifts , your talents and give them back to the world. That is how this blog was formed. I have always wanted to write and inspire others and my goal was to start a blog for thousands to read. And just yesterday I hit 1k views. I was so ecstatic!!!If you are reading this write now. Thank you. Thank you. You can do whatever you put your energy and passion towards. Do what you always said you wanted to do, go sign up for the online course or training you wanted to do. Do what you LOVE and as if your work is not work. What is your mental road block? Maybe its financially and you can’t just quit your job. Well let’s talk about your financial goals. Maybe you start there first.
  3. Financial goal: What are they? Get out of debt or do you want to pay off your home, ok? What can you do to get there? Shop less? Meet with a financial planner, virtually of course. Read some finance books. Track your spending. Figure it out. Make it happen. Start saving and stop spending. Create a budget?
  4. Personal goal: What is your personal very deep down in the heart goals? You want to take a trip to Europe in the way future or travel to Hawaii? Okay why can’t you? (Obviously not right now because of Cov-19)but you can read books on it and research about it. Save your money and when you are able to go. GO! Do you want to de-clutter your home, okay make a plan, room by room, drawer by drawer, step by step, day by day, make it happen. You want to run 5k? Ok sign up for one, train for it, make it happen. Start with just running for 5 mins and build up. Step by step.
  5. Daily goal: What can u do every single day that will help you crush your Mamma goals? Notice I wrote goal. I think it is so important to focus on one goal at a time. Write it down, make a plan, and crush it! Once you believe in yourself, and start making a shift, magic happens. You set yourself up for success with you focus on one goals and not all over the place. I had to learn this over time and now when I want to accomplish something I figure it out and work on that one goal and crush it!!!

I hope this blog post inspires you to be proactive even in quarantine. There are still so many things you can accomplish and dream up. Go make it happen! From one Mamma to the other. You deserve to live your best life today! Please don’t forget to share your story and success below in the comments or on my Facebook page.

My 2020 goal: Finish my 200RYT so I can teach yoga.

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