Can My Toddler Get the Coronavirus?

My 3 year old ask me everyday “Mommy, is the virus gone away”? It’s hard to explain to my kids that it isn’t going away for a long time. So here in Texas, we are roughly about 3 months into the Cov-19 epidemic, quarantine, social distancing and all of a sudden I’m getting emails that summer camps are opening, soccer is starting back, pools are opening. Business are slowly opening back up which is excellent for the economy. I could not be more excited but in the back of my mind I still worry and ask what if my sweet little toddlers get this ugly virus that has turned our world upside down. So I started researching different countries and the findings were interesting.


recent study of 745 children in China identified only 10 children with the virus. Seven of those children developed a fever, one of the virus’ most common symptoms, and a few experienced coughing, a sore throat, and nasal congestion. Wow. Let me remind y’all China has 1.4 billion people and only 10 children got the virus back in March.


There are 60 million people in Italy and recent study mentioned kids starting to get Cov-19 with Kawasaki disease like symptoms and again only shows a total of 10 cases and there are 60 million people that live in Italy.


Another article I read said, as many as 235 children have contracted the novel coronavirus in Russia, but none of them are seriously ill according to the Russian chief sanitary doctor and have recovered. Russia has a population of 145 million people.


I cannot believe kids their were not allowed to go outside for 6 weeks. Wow. I could not imagine the mental state of both parents and children. We have made it outdoors almost every single day since March 9 and most all of our outdoor adventures have been one of my many sanity saver tactics. According to Jama Pediatrics, by March 16, 2020, 41 of the 4695 confirmed cases (0.8%) in Madrid region were children and none were life threating and they recovered. There are 47 million people in Spain.


In , they had 21 children that were 12 years old or less since May 1 contract Cov-19 but none of the children have been hospitalized for that mysterious inflammatory illness.(Kawasaki disease). Brazil’s population is 209 million.


Researchers in the UK said they have seen an “unprecedented cluster” of eight children with rare inflammatory problems amid the coronavirus pandemic. There still needs to be more research on this connection between Kawasaki disease and Cov-19. We do know Kawasaki disease has been around a while and it is treatable. Some children in UK that were diagnosed with Kawasaki also tested positive for coronavirus, but not all. Dr. Pathan said “Overall, children seem to be more resilient to serious lung infection following exposure to coronavirus, and the numbers admitted to intensive care units are relatively low.” There are 66million people in the UK.


According to an article I read,Canadian doctors are tracking a rare illness affecting children that could be associated with COVID-19.The disease, called multisystem inflammatory syndrome or MIS-C, has been reported among children in the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and the United States.“It’s an inflammatory auto-immune response,” says Dr. Stephen Freedman. The reason why Cov-19 is not affecting children as much as adults is a mystery. It’s unusual. Population in Canada equals 37 million.


In America, according to the CDC some children do develop severe illness, and 147 of the patients in the new CDC study were hospitalized, with five sent to intensive care. Three children are no longer with us. This is heartbreaking. We have 330 million people in America.

Scientists are still exploring several theories about why children seem relatively protected from severe disease. Based on available evidence, children do not appear to be at higher risk for COVID-19 than adults.

So the answer to my question is yes our kids can get the COV-19 but luckily they are recovering and more resilient to this deadly disease. Statistically, it seems there is a very low percentage of children contracting the coronavirus.


Sadly, according to the CDC there were 34,200 deaths from influenza during the 2018–2019. We even have vaccines for this.


I hope our medical professionals keep researching and figuring out a vaccine quickly for COV-19 and in the meantime as a parent of two littles I will stay more vigilant and on my kids about hand washing, eating healthy, getting sunshine, drinking enough water, and taking their daily vitamins. Prevention is key.

We will probably attend summer camp and go swimming, but that’s our choice and maybe for you staying home even longer to protect your kids will be your choice. Whatever we do COV-19 is here it’s in the air and everyone has been affected in some way or another.

Let’s not forget soap destroys the virus so keep those hands washed and stay healthy everyone!


What will you do? Will you send your kids back to school in the Fall? Or homeschool? Are you worried? Will you let them play sports? Go to the pools or beaches? Hang out with their friends? Please comment below I would love to here from other parents on what their game plan will be since things are starting to open back up. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep following Mamma-Tribe and subscribe for some fun freebies.


  • The Incredible Bulks

    Thank you for your thorough research on this topic! I feel like covid19 was kind of “sold” to us like we didn’t need to worry about it in our children. But there is just so much we don’t know about the disease, that I have a hard time not worrying about it. I liked your questions. I’m gonna have to give them some thoughts.

  • whatdoesmammasay

    We live in Spain and in Andalucia we were under strict lockdown for 8 weeks. It wasn’t easy but at the same time we got to spend a lot of time together which is great. Now things are slowly going back to normal and from fall my little boy will start school. The fact is the virus is here to stay. What we can do is take all common sense precautions and move on with our lives. I’m sure that soon enough we’ll have a vaccine as well.

What are your thoughts?