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19 Dad and Son Bonding Activities


With Father’s Day coming up, I wanted to write and dedicated this one to the awesome Dads out there and share some creative fun activities my little boy and my husband enjoy doing together. The best way to teach your son how to be a good man is to show him. Right? Here are some ways Dads can bond with their sons and connect with each other while at the same time Mom catches a break. You can also do these as a family.


Spend all day fishing. They can try a lake, a pond, or take a kayak out and go fishing for fun. It teaches patience and encourages one on one time to talk about anything that comes to mind. I love the proverb,” Give a man a fish and feed him for day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

2.Backyard Camping

I love this idea because you can put up your tent in the backyard and make oven backed s mores, grab your flashlights and books, sleeping bags, and games. If you don’t have a tent borrow a friends. What a great way to teach your son how put something together. Dads can teach them about the stars constellations depending on the age of the child and just have a fun bonding experience. Purchase a telescope or use binoculars to gaze at the stars. While Mom and daughter have a spa day.

3.Play Catch

With each toss of the ball, I am sure Dads and Sons will find themselves lost in conversations. Maybe it is kicking the soccer ball around or playing tag. Whatever, sport your family admires play it with your son. It is such a great way to connect.

4.Build Something

My husband and little boy built a DIY planter box, put some chairs together, and many other things. I think this teaches so many life skills. Some Dads have built model rocket ships before. Finding a fun weekend project and including your son goes a very long way. Every boy should have the opportunity to be acquainted with different types of tools.They can build a bird house, sandbox, playhouse, tree house, paper airplane, a swing, and more. Grab your Rocket Kit here.

5.Sporting Event

Maybe Dad can take your son to a hockey game, baseball game, or a football game. Turn off the TV and go in person to cheer for your favorite team. Maybe even going to a NASCAR event. Making these kind of memories last a lifetime. This is of course when things open back up.

6.Wash Cars

Everytime my husband washes our cars, my little boy tags along with him. Maybe even let him watch Dad, change the oil, or wax and polish the vehicles. Again, letting him help is an easy way to connect and spend one on one time with each other.

7.Barber Shop

Before the virus, my little boy and his Dad would go get their haircuts together and then after maybe get ice cream. A couple weeks ago my husband actually cut my little boys hair himself.

8. Golf

Golf is another great practice for teaching patience. Depending on the age of your child, you can go to a place like Top Golf where you can just have fun or to the driving range. Knowing how to respect the game of golf can also show them how to respect themselves. Again, another fun activity Dad and son can do.


When a father teaches their son how to ride a bike, it can open up a brand new friendship more adventures and experiences as well. This is probably one of my husbands and sons favorite activities to do together besides fishing.


My little boy loves going to Home Depot with Dad. They are always going to buy something. Picking out flowers and helping with gardening is a great activity. Lettings sons play in dirt is good for the soul. It is such great primer for teaching them how to landscape, nurture living things, and take care of the yard. I think soon our almost 5 year old will be asking to mow the grass himself.


Grilling is a science. I mean how much can sons learn from their Dads about grilling, the right temperature the grill needs to be, flipping and keeping juices in, how to get the perfect smoky flavor, the proper way to season with spices, and so much more. My little boy is only 5 right now and still likes to help my husband a little bit or at least observe him when it comes to grilling.

12.Go Carts

I can not wait for my husband to take my little boy to ride Go Carts. He is going to love it. I think this will be our next adventure as soon as things open back up.


Swimming with Dad and swimming with Mom is totally different. When my husband is in the pool with my kids he is throwing them in the air, having them jump 20ft off the side, and really letting lose. There is nothing like making memories in the swimming pool with Dad.


Another good one for Dads to do with their sons is to build something with legos. Mine have done quiet of few of these and such a fun way to connect. Try the Lego Robot for more of a challenge depending on the age of your son.

15.Start a Collection

Whether it is rocks, comic books, sports cards, or coins. The thrill of collecting something is learning about details and organizing and taking care of things. My little boy has collected airplanes, dinosaurs, and certain bugs. This is something Dad and him can talk about together.


I mean doing a puzzle together takes so much time and patience. This activity is perfect for my son and husband because I dont have too much patience with doing puzzles. However, it slows my little boy down and they both feel accomplished after its done. Depending on the age of your child, you can start with floor puzzles and move up to more pieces.

17.Hide N Seek

My high energy son loves when Dad plays hide n seek with him. It is and has been one of their all time favorite things to do together. This is easy and simple and you can play inside or outside. Even if its only 5-10 mins. I bet if Dad ask your son today if he wanted to play hide n seek, he would light up!

18.Movie Night

They can watch Jurassic Park or some sort of cool Dad and Son movie together. At home or at the theaters. My husband has taken my little boy to some movies with him and they had fun together. Now a days, you can just rent one and let them watch it together at home while Mom goes out to get a pedicure or gets some shopping done.


Maybe Dad works late and gets home around dinner time. A great way to re connect with their son is doing bedtime stories together and tucking them in asking them about their day. This takes 5-mins but can really create a special routine and special bond for them right before bedtime.


I hope Dads take time to plan some of these activities with their son because they make such a great bonding experience and can show them how much they mean to them. Even if its one day a week, that one on one time with Dad is super special. What are ways your son and their Dad connect and have fun? Share below. Also, dont forget to subscribe to Mamma-Tribe below for some fun freebies. You can grab these fun free DADDY DAYS cards out of my resources library. We added them to the jar and my husband will pick one each day for him and my little boy to go do together!! Don’t foret to subscribe!!


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