Decluttering, Organizing, and Renovating.

Back in January 1 2018, we decided to get our home in order! Its 2020 and we are still working on it but now we are more in the renovating phase. Our laundry  room was piled to the ceiling, we had multiple junk drawers yes multiple. My clothes wouldn’t fit in any of my drawers, our pantry was a disaster, every time I opened it, I felt anxious. Our fridge was a whole different story, and the play room was overflowing with mindless toys! You would trip or almost fall every-time you stepped into our garage.

I was tired of feeling like I couldn’t breathe in my own home. It was no one else’s fault except my own, my very own perspective needed a major cleanse. Things needed to change immediately or I was going to feel like I was drowning in my very own home. A space that’s suppose to give you peace and serenity was giving me chaos and anxiety!  

So I decided to take on the Allie Cassazza declutter like a mother challenge and make 2018 all about simplicity, minimizing, and purging things that didn’t bring value to our lives. Currently, 2020 our laundry room is still clean, I have zero clothes to fold for the most part, my drawers actually close without a problem and I still love walking into my closet. It was truly inspiring to donate, sell, and discard probably 20 trash bags of junk!!! How in the world did we  accumulate so much is beyond my understanding! Decluttering really did bring way more calm and fresh air! I absolutely loved the feeling it brought. It was something about letting go of the weight of junk, the past clutter. It opens more space for  you to create breathe and to be. 

So I encourage whoever is reading this to invest in less things and invest in more time with family friends and things that truly matter. Go around your home today and get rid of the clutter, it is life changing! One room. One drawer. One goal. One day at time.

The two books that have inspired me are “The Joy of Less”and “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. I still wake up feeling refreshed and not exhausted by all the noise of stuff just laying around and my psychological mindset is much clearer.

With all that being said,I just wanted share my experience regarding the madness I had going on and maybe it will help someone else who is feeling in the same boat. And it’s safe to say,my boat is feeling much more like a yacht lately and less like the titanic crashing down! 

Here are some tips that helped us keep our home decluttered and organized 2 years later. 

  1. Created a donation BIG box. Clothes that no longer fit, goes in there, toys, books. We donate once a month. 
  2. Once a week we clean out fridge and pantry. Every Sunday.
  3. Everything has a home and place.
  4. Lose papers and junk mail go into the recycle bin right away.
  5. Go through kids clothes seasonally and get rid of the ones that do not fit. (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) 
  6. If it doesn’t bring us joy and happiness or serve us we get rid of it.
  7. If we don’t absolutely love it or used it in the last couple months. Gone.
  8. If I buy a new pair of shoes, I get rid of a pair immediately. 
  9. Same for new toys, if we buy them a new toy we make sure to donate others.
  10. We had a fiver party for my little boy. Friends and family gave him $5 instead of toys which help create less clutter. You can also have friends and family donate to an organization based on your behalf. Less toys, less clutter.

Organizing: After the decluttering phase, we moved into the organizing phase. From organizing the pantry, kids shoes, all their costumes, pots and pans, crafts, and more. I bought a bunch of pretty baskets and labeled them and grouped certain foods together in our pantry. Pasta, chips, spices, snacks, cereal. I also bought a clothes rack from IKEA and organized their costumes. There are little ways you can create organization, but again it is much easier to do when you have less stuff. 

Renovating: 2020. We are currently in this phase. I suggest decluttering and organizing before moving to this phase. My amazing husband changed all of our light fixtures out, repainted the entire house a brighter color, and working on painting the our ceiling for a fresher look. The hardest part is picking the paint color. I suggest buying samples and putting them on your walls to see the contrast with the amount of light in your home. Paint color looks totally different in the can, in the store, then on your walls. Our next stage will be replacing carpet and floors and renovating the kitchen and bathrooms. I hope you keep following my blog for inspiration and our journey to renovating our little nest. We are enjoying seeing the transformation. I hope this post inspires you with a new vision and mindset to clear some space from your home and fall in love with it like we have. You can do it!!! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Mamma Tribe.


What are your thoughts?