Easy Paper Plate Crafts You Can Do Today

I always enjoy doing crafts and project with my toddlers who are 3 and 4 years old. Sometimes they go well and sometimes they go not so well. However, we did 3 easy crafts this week that anyone can do at home. It did not take much at all. They are super fun and cute.

  1. Sunflower: Make a sunflower by painting a paper plate yellow. My favorite all time supply we have on hand at all time are the paint sticks you can get off amazon. WE LOVE THEM! Easy way to paint without all the mess. We love love love our chunkies. They are a must have for summer crafts!! We also used construction paper and elmers glue. Easy Peezy! They turned out super cute.

2. Star. We used the blue paint stick and colored the plate blue and then used a plain sheet of white paper again to cut out a star. Then we painted the clothes pens red and white. You can use paint or again the paint sticks to do those too.SUPER EASY AND FUN! We love ” target=”_blank”>Melissa and Doug ” target=”_blank”> paint. If you don’t have clothes pens laying around you can use red and white paper or whatever you have in the craft closet.

3. Earth Hand. This was super easy and cute to make. Just have your kid paint their hand green again using the Melissa and Doug paint. Then we used the blue paint sticks to make the water. TA DA! Super fun. Super Easy.

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