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Easy Peezy Patriotic Crafts

We love doing fun crafts that wrap around the holidays. Here are a few red white and blue ones we’ve done that you can do with your family.

T-shirt Fun

  1. Matching Flag T- shirts. We usually use older white t-shirts that you can get from Walmart. Every July 4th we’ve made these our official shirts. We paint one palm blue and then the lines red. I love doing this every year. We usually make them Memorial Day weekend.

Rock Fun

2. American Flag Rocks. We just used red white and blue paint. Acrylic seems to work better on rocks because the washable paint doesn’t show up as well.

Craft Fun

3. Paper Plate Star. This is easy one. Paint the plate blue, cut out a white star, and we painted the clothes pens red and white to go around it.

Food Fun

4. F is for Flag and Fireworks. You can use construction paper for this entire craft and teach the letter F.

5. Pepperoni and Cheese. How fun is this? My son loves pepperoni and my little girl loves cheese so this makes for a great patriotic snack.

Pipe-Cleaner Fireworks

6.Firework Craft. Grab your red, white, blue paint again. Paper and pipe cleaners. Twist the 5-6 pipe cleaners together and then you can have your kid stamp the paper.

7. Play-dough American Flag. My 4 year old had this idea on his own and made it himself. I thought was super cute idea. Super simple. Just need red, white, and blue play dough.

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