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Easy Peezy Puffy Paint

We are having a lot of fun over here making messes and mixing things. I officially have a yellow rug after todays activity. We learned about mixing colors. My little boy learned that yellow and blue can make green. He was pretty fascinated by making puffy paint. It is super easy and super simple to make. It only requires 3 ingredients.


  1. Shaving Cream (1/2 cup)
  2. Elmers Glue (1 cup)
  3. Food coloring (10 drops)


Step 1: Pour the ingredients into a bowl and mix. I let my kids do this part on their own.

Step 2: Depening on what you make choose the food color you want. Yellow for ice cream. Red for watermelon.

Step 3: You can now paint and have fun. Be creative with what you decide to make

Step 4: After we made our ice cream, we talked about how mixing two colors can make a completely different color.

Red + Yellow = Orange

Blue + Yellow = Green

Blue + Red = Purple

Mixing colors can be pretty magical for kids and I am no artist but the look on my little boys face is always priceless. It makes painting and creating more enjoyable. It is like art therapy.


The learning and the fun always lies in the messes. Get messy and create. Mixing colors and painting is toddler magic. Having the chance to explore this phenomenon is pretty powerful. If you don’t have food coloring just use washable paint.

Once we wrapped up our ice cream painting my little boy got his hands dirty and started mixing it with his hands and it was a great sensory play for him. For more ideas and inspiration don’t forget to subscribe to Mamma Tribe. I love sending my readers freebies!

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