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Easy Peezy Salt Dough

This activity was so much fun we did it twice. Mainly, my 4 year old did it all by himself. We made dinosaur fossils the day before and hand prints today. This activity was inspired by my husbands hand print 3 decades ago.



  1. Salt 1 cup
  2. Flour 1 cup
  3. Water 1/2 cup (warm water)

Step 1: Mix it up and knead into a big ball. You want to make sure the consistency is like playdough.

Step 2: Roll it out.

Step 3: Make your hand-prints, foot prints, dinosaur impressions, ornament shapes, thumb print magnets, starfish, rainbow fish, and more. You can get creative here. We personalized ours with name. I used a sharp knife to imprint the name.

Step 4: Bake on 200 degrees for 1-2hrs. We took ours out after 1.5hrs and it was perfect. You can also let it air dry which takes a little longer but also works well.

Step 5: Paint it with acrylic paint when it cools off and protect it with varnish and then just admire your work. I think we are keeping ours without paint but our next project will be colorful.


I love this activity for sensory play, independence, and something fun to do with the kiddos. My little boy did everything from measuring, to mixing, to rolling. These are so much fun to do to make memories to look back on as they grow to remember how little they use to be. Have you ever done any salt dough projects? I hope this article inspires you to give it a go. It is so simple and fun. We are for sure on the salt dough train now. Have fun!


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