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Easy Peezy Toddler Friendly Slime


So I jumped on the band wagon and decided to create and make slime with my toddlers. 3 and 4 years old. Of course, they loved it. It was super simple and super FUN!!!! I would highly recommend you make slime just once in your life. Here is an easy road map to help you have a smooth day of slime making.

  1. Materials: Gather your materials and be prepared. We made regular slime. Not edible nor fluffy. Simple slime. It was so much fun we will for sure experiment again. I bought the big clear Elmers Glue off Amazon for other crafts but it came in handy for slime. I made sure both of my kids had their own mixture, their own bowl. Below are the ingredients we used.

Elmers Glue (1/2 cup)

Baking Soda (1/2 tsp)

Food Coloring (1-3 drops)

Shaving Cream (3-4 cups)

Bio True ( *any contact cleaner will work. 1-2tbl)

2. Tupperware and Mixing. I made sure to have some plastic ware to save and store the slime once we made it. You can also use measuring cups, a spatula, wooden spoons, and mixing bowls. Basically, you mix all the ingredients together and then stir thoroughly. The saline solution(contact cleaner) is what prevents the slime from sticking. If you experience stickiness you may want to add a little more of the solution. You start adding and go to town. Knead the slime with your hands till it becomes the consistency you like. MY KIDS LOVED IT! Trust me, the fun is worth the mess. I can NOT believe we haven’t done this sooner.

3. Sensory Play. Slime is the perfect sensory play and helps to build cognitive growth. Not to mention a fun family memory. I also let them pick the color they wanted it to be so it gave them a sense of ownership.

I would suggest making it outdoors and having your kiddos wear older clothes because it will get on their shirt. The clean up was easy we just used the water hose to rinse out the bowls. Remember to laugh and just have fun with it. Happy Slime Making!! Please feel free to comment below how your experience goes or follow us on Facebook. I hope you keep following and subscribe to the Mamma-Tribe.

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