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Fun Preschool Math

Q-Tip Painting

Number Recognition: I love teaching Math! This was a super easy fun math activity to help the kids learn their numbers. They can count fine but actually recognizing the numbers is a different story. So we did a lot of fun activities around learning their numbers and worked on starting to write them with q-tip painting.

Number and Color Sorting

Simple Counting: Here is another fun activity we did with simple counting and color sorting. I made a big poster and wrote the numbers down for them and they had to count and color code them. This allows them to get familiar with numbers. All you need are markers or paint sticks and pom poms or whatever you have around the home. You can also use stickers, cereal, pasta noodles, or money.

Basically, you have them count and sort these according to the numbers. We went up to 8 on this day and the next day higher.

Math: After this, we did a little addition for the clean up. You can have them start adding 1 plus 5 and then count them together which equals 6. This is a great way to start talking about addition and subtraction.

Hopschotch: Another fun gross motor activity is Hopscotch. The kids love this and even helped me draw the numbers inside the box. You can even have them do the amount of jumping jacks on each square and then have then count out loud while playing hide n seek.

Math Booklet: I created a fun Math Booklet full of activities and goes up to the number 20 for them to use to create and make numbers using money, or paint, colors, or pipe filters. Again, this is so fun for number recognition and their memory since it is hands on. It is also great to talk about the values of numbers when you use money. If you would like a copy of this fun booklet you click here and you will be able to download it instantly or you can subscribe to Mamma-Tribe below and get it free at my resource library.

Popsicle Stick Math. This is fun for teaching addition or subtraction. You simply label Popsicle sticks with dot stickers and have them connect the answers to make a shape. You can be creative with your problems. I started with (1’s) and (2’s) first then go from their once your child grasps the concepts.

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Final Math Thoughts

I hope these activities help inspire you to keep teaching and learning with your littles. It can be a lot of fun to teach math. Your kids will love practicing number recognition and counting skills with these activities. Do them today and start the learning fun.

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