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How I Survived 2 Under 2

So basically as I sit and write this my toddlers are now 3 and 4 years old. I feel like I am just now coming up for air. If you are reading this then you are either thinking about having your babies close in age or you accidentally got pregnant again. Either way having our babies so close in age was the most challenging beautiful things I’ve ever done till this day. Also,because of them I feel like I’m a warrior and can do anything now.

Mine are about 19months apart which we yes planned it that way! Luckily, at this stage they both sleep through the night and take good naps till just recently we’ve dropped naps. Although, we do early bedtime now. I’m super blessed I get to stay at home with them because I love love experiencing life with them at this age and seeing them grow and thrive and learn new things. However, let me just tell you it is by far no easy task and the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and I’ve ran marathons, played collegiate soccer, graduated from college, taught elementary, and when you become a Mom especially to two babies, you deserve your own medal every day! With that being said, how in the world do you survive keeping two tiny humans alive everyday? Here are some go to tips that have helped me stay sane while raising 2 under 2! Good luck and remember to have fun and laugh on the hard days and on the good days embrace them whole heartedly.

1. Schedule and Routine. This is a must! We are creatures of habit and thrive on routine. If we get off schedule I get alittle overwhelmed. So make sure before next babe is even here you have a good schedule going. It will make your life so much easier when baby #2 arrives! Now that I have both babes on a schedule, they both sleep peacefully through the night and our days run so much smoother and I have energy enough to really enjoy it! I always made sure mine had one nap at the same time and most of the time I would nap too. 

2.Get outside. If you can get out in nature everyday do it! It is refreshing and adding vitamin D does the body good. Go for walk around your neighborhood, do a hike, a run, whatever you gotta do get some fresh air! Even if you are exhausted get up and go. It helped my energy so much. Everyone benefits from it! Invest in a double seated stroller and a baby carrier and get outside!! 

3. Go to bed early. Yup get in bed early so you will feel good the next morning. Sleep when they sleep. You will feel more productive the next day too, trust me. The house cleaning can wait. If you can, wake up before them and get your day started quietly. Just having 5-10mins of me time makes your day run so much better! Then I kept adding to it. Now I get up hour or more before them and it’s joyful and calm. 

4. Play dates with friends. This is a BIG one! Have friends over since it may be hard to get out at the beginning. This was lifesaver for me. Thankful for my Mamma friends who came by to play or even brought food over at the beginning! It can get lonely and isolating at times. They really did more then they will ever know!

5. Prayer. Yes pray. Every night. Pray that you are thankful to have two healthy babies who light up your life and pray they are guided to love, and to be kind, and to make this world a better place. Pray for strength and guidance as you parent them and most importantly pray for grace and patience each day because it is hard having 2 under 2, it is a rollar coaster of emotions, a whirlwind of chaos, but it is also a divine love like no other. Keep praying.

6. Go somewhere. Don’t wait too long to take them both somewhere fun! The more you do this, the easier it gets. I didn’t wait long before I had them both out the door going to the library or zoos or aquariums. Be brave and get out. I would wear the 2nd one in a baby carrier and put the other one in a light weight umbrella stroller. Packed our backpack the night before and off we went.

7. Ask for help. Here’s the thing you are not super woman.. ask for help. Maybe you ask your husband to watch the kids while you go get a pedicure or just take a power nap or a shower. Ask the babysitter to come watch your toddler while you nap with your baby. Ask your best friend to come take your toddler to the park while you nurse the baby. Get help. I even had a mommy’s helper at the beginning.

8. Self care. Fill your cup over and over or you will not have anything else to give and you will get burned out. Don’t forget to do something for yourself every week. Ask your husband or parents to take one or both and get a date night or go to the spa. Reward yourself once a month with something you love.

It does get easier. They are a breeze now. They need me less and less and it’s bitter sweet. Hold them tight, kiss them more and more, even on the hard days. Remember every day is a new day. If you had a bad day wake up and restart. It gets better day by day. Step by step. Some days you will feel like you are just surviving and that is normal. It does not last forever and this too shall pass. Mine have a beautiful bond, a beautiful friendship, and are the best of friends. Don’t stress or be worried. Having them so close in age has been the most amazing experience of my life. Cheers to Motherhood. You got this. Keep following my blog for more inspiration and tips. 

Best friends.

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