How To DIY Your Own Planter Box

My husband is a true handy man and he loves a project. So him and my little 4 year old decided to make their own planter box one weekend. It was done pretty quickly and super simple. Here are some easy steps to help with you DIY Planter Box. Have fun! First and foremost make a trip to Home Depot and gather your materials. This blog is more inspiration for the idea.


Wood and Lumber

We grabbed from the scrap pile at Home Depot and used cedar fence board.

2inch x 6ft. Used this for base that the dirt will sit on and for cedar fence board to wrap around it.

2inch x 2ft. Use for legs and frame. This will help aid in the legs and connect the sides and ends to each other.

2inch X 4ft. Use this to utilize the fence board length.

1inch hardware cloth or plastic to support the soil and drainage.

11/4 Use outdoor deck screws

Please not my husband eye bawled the dimensions. It is based on how heigh you want it. We made it child size.

Tools Needed

Skill Saw, drill and driver bits, hammer, package of deck screws, heavy duty stapler, metal shears, tape measure, nail gun, wire cutters.


First step you want to do is get your legs cut them to whatever height.

Second step cut support that goes in between the legs. (4 on bottom and 4 on top) Running horizontal this will connect too all the legs

Third, brace the middle the long ones and now your frame should be built.

Fourth, from there cut 2 x 6 and put them in the bottom. Leave about a screw length space or gap so water can drain.

Finally, staple down then chicken wire and then line it with plastic or you can use styrofoam peanut chips and fill it up with dirt.

Soil and Plants

Our little boy immediately loved taken ownserhip in adding the soil and helped pick out the plants. He is in charge of watering them daily. He really enjoyed doing this project with his Dad. I enjoyed watching them create it. I think its perfect for planting flowers, maybe even veggies in the future. I would love for you to share yours with us if you decided to embark on the DIY planter box journey. Thanks and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for more DIY tips and tricks.

What are your thoughts?