Well we hopped on the tie dye train and decided to make some fun shirts. It was super simple because I bought this tie dye kit off Amazon. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy arts and crafts outdoors. I love creating and be outside making something fun with my kids. However, make sure you are prepared. I also saw the kits at Walmart, Micheal’s, Hobby Lobby and more. This one arrived pretty fast. I loved how easy it was to mix the dye and water and we still made a beautiful mess, ended up with blue hands, and created some cool shirts!


  1. Space. Table or place where you do not mind getting dye on.
  2. Kit. The kit includes gloves, rubber bands, dye, and bottles. They also give you refills. The gloves are pretty big but you can just put rubber bands around the kids wrist to help them stay on really good.
  3. White T-shirts. (Make sure these are pre-washed)
  4. Water
  5. Paper Towels


  1. Outdoors. Change clothes. Make sure you and the kids are wearing older clothes. I would also take this outside.
  2. Design and Pattern. Figure out what design and technique you want to do. There are tons of designs out there. I did not realize this till after this project. I would research this before you even start the process. We decided on the Swirl design. The Crumble design looks easy too. Check out the website Tie Dye You Summer for more ideas. They give you so many options and tutorials to check out. They are like the Tie Dye Pros. You can pick between the Spiral technique, the Reverse technique, the Heart technique, and so many other ones. I highly recommend any of these. We will try the Sunburst design next.
  3. Rubber Bands. After you decided on your design and pattern, you fold it and twist it with your rubber bands.
  4. Mix. Fill up your plastic bottles with water and shake it and mix the dye.
  5. Gloves. Put on your gloves and go to town using the colors of your choice and squirting the dye onto the fabric. I let my kiddos pick out their colors. They were very excited about making them the colors of their choice. Again, you can tie rubber bands around their little wrist to keep these on really good.
  6. Store. After that, you can place in zip-lock bag to store.
  7. Grass. We put ours out on the grass and let the dye really set in good. For really bright shirts you can leave over night or 5-6hrs will work to but the shirts may be lighter.
  8. Rinse and Wash. Then rinse each shirt out really well with the water hose using gloves or in the sink and they are ready to be washed and worn. TA DA! Remember to only wash only your tie dye shirts together for the first time so the excess dye doesn’t mess up other garments.


That is it. Super simple. My kids love their shirts and are probably going to want to wear them every day. It was not a bad clean up either since we did it outside I just hosed down our mess. Threw away the gloves and plan to save the bottles for another project this summer. The best part was seeing how proud the kids were after making their shirts and I always love seeing them create and get messy. I find thats how the learn. We also talked about the a new color torqoiuse. There are always teachable moments you can make doing these type of things with them too.

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