I Can’t Wait to See What You Become.

Every single day yall wake up, you surprise me. Every single day yall keep me on my toes and I love it!  All of sudden there are no more diapers, no more bottles, no more potty training, no more teething, no more naps and no more training wheels. The hardest part of Motherhood has been watching you grow and grow and need me less and less. No one prepares your heart for letting go. Grieving the baby moments, grieving all the sweet baby memories and accepting the fact they are now memories of the past. You probably will never remember life without each other. I love the relationship and sweet bond you have with one other and although the beginning was a whirlwind, I finally feel like we have come up for air. In a glimpse you have turned into two kind little humans. You could not be more perfect and you have no clue how much you are loved and adored.

Today you asked me a good thousand questions and you both have inquisitive curious minds. I love how opposite you are. Trevor you are extremely smart and high energy always on a mission and ready to jump to the next thing after 10mins, but physically talented and can master anything we throw your way. I love that you never give up till the task gets done. I hope that continues throughout your life because life likes to throw curve balls. You love all things reptiles, bugs, and outdoors. Then you have “sweet cheeks” Ava. You are calm, loving, sweet and can focus on one thing for hours. You are our little homebody and my favorite thing about you is how you tell me you love me every single day multiple times a day and Trevor is our social butterfly. Yall are both a good mix of me and your Daddy. Y’all are best friends right now and I hope you always will be into adulthood. These toddler years are magical. If you only you knew how much I look forward to every single day with y’all! If I could describe a glimpse of our every day it would look like a ride on the tallest roller coaster ending with a picnic at the park! It is always an adventure being your Mamma.

I seriously can’t wait to see what God has planned for yall in this world. I know it will be something great because I can see it in your BIG BROWN eyes and I can feel it in my heart! You have the whole wide world at your fingertips my precious babies!! I pray you keep running with it and never look back! Find your passions, dance, be kind, be grateful, travel, make beautiful friendships, and always love one another.

Thank you for making motherhood so much fun, challenging, and full of so much happiness and joy and love. I pray that you keep being you and one day you will help change the world….because you have forever changed mine!! You are my greatest purpose in life and I am blessed to be your Mom.

I love you to the moon and back times infinity…



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