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I Spy Bugs

Butterfly Kit

I have a little boy obsessed with bugs. All things bugs. We catch dragon flies, butterflies, lizards, snakes, ladybugs, moths and more. You name it my little 4 year old has caught them.

I love to fuel their passions and so we bought a fun butterfly kit off Amazon. They will send you caterpillars and you get to watch them over the weeks blossom into beautiful butterflies and release them free. We had so much fun with this. Depending on which kit you purchase you may need to order the caterpillars separate by sending in a voucher. However, ours did come all in one. It was a great learning experience for them.


This was a lot of fun too. I purchased and ant farm for my little boy and he was the happiest kid on the block. It was interesting getting them all in their home. However, we did and had fun taking care of them. This is perfect to add in teaching the letter Aa. There are so many learning opportunities getting an ant farm. We talked about how many legs ants have. What they eat and don’t eat. It also gave my little boy ownership and responsibility. There is nothing quiet like watching live ants. You can find this on Amazon or Uncle Milton‘s website. Again make sure you don’t need to send the voucher in for the ants. Read the details. It depends on where you get them. We did get ours all inclusive.

Counting and Sorting Bugs

There are so many ways your kids can learn with this little bug kit. You can have them sort the bugs by colors, or count them, and use them for developing fine motor skills. We love all things bugs over here. This is another favorite product we use a lot.


You can download your printable here and also combine it with the bugs above and have them sort them according to Specific bugs.


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We absolutely never go anywhere without our bug cages, nets, binoculars, and catching some sort of creature. That is where the learning happens and that is where the magic is.


What bugs have your kiddos caught this year so far? Please share below. We would love to know. Thanks for joining us on our bug adventure.
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