Nature Play


My kids are always mixing and creating. They love combining things rather it’s shaving cream, food coloring, water, soap, sand, dirt. You name it we’ve mixed it. When my now 4 year old little boy was younger I would catch him mixing toothpaste, water, mouthwash, lotion, and soap. He still loves a good experiment. So here is a fun activity you can do outdoors with your little ones.

  1. Go on another walk or hike end collect any sort of treasure. I let them run wild and pick up whatever they want unless it’s harmful of course.
  2. We come back and put it in a bowl or bucket or whatever u have even cups. I let them do everything. Remember this is their magic potion.
  3. They add the water and I also let them add drops of food coloring blue and green to make and add more effects.
  4. Then they use different measure cups and things to pour and scoop and create.
  5. We also have mixed shaving cream with food coloring to make magic potions. We have also combined vinegar with baking soda and soap to make volcano type eruption. They thought that was super cool too.

Kids and toddlers and babies are little scientists. We as parents and adults need to continue to encourage messy play. In fact in the magic of messes, is where the learning happens.


What are your thoughts?