Making An Easy Transition From A Crib To A Big Kid Bed


Are you trying to decide if your itty bitty baby is ready for a big kid bed? Well, you have come to the right place. The parent struggle is real with this decision. We are finding ourselves in this season again with my 3 year old. Our first born moved into his big kid bed beautifully at 3.5 years. He is now 4.5 years.We waited a while because I was like all Moms thinking he would be roaming around the home and we have stairs in our home, so I was in no rush to make any changes. However, he proved me wrong and the night we moved him over I ended having to go up and check on him the next morning because he slept so good. Here are so awesome tips that helped us during this transition and made it a smooth as ever.

1. Safety. So if your little one is climbing in and out of the crib try placing the mattress at the very bottom setting it should be almost touching the ground. We lowered Trevor’s pretty early and he never tried climbing out. However, I know some kids who start pretty early climbing in out. You can still have an easy transition moving them over from a crib to bed. I personally don’t recommend moving them anytime before the age of 2 unless safety is a concern with the climbing in and out and in that case you have no other choice. So if safety is not a concern and your little one still is not 2 I would revisit this later. Do not try to rush this process. I know a lot of Moms who want to try to rush their little one into a big kid bed because they are about to have a second one and they need their crib but it will backfire. My 3 year old is still in her crib and she has never once tried to climb out she loves her bed. So we are in no hurry to move her over. She is safe and secure in her crib. However, if you know its time to make the switch!! Here are some amazing things that helped us.

2. Crib. Now we bought a convertible cribs for both of our kids. They will turn into a twin bed or full size bed and I am so glad we did this because it was easy to assemble and we didn’t have to go out shopping for another bed and we had extra mattresses on hand because we recently upgraded ourselves. We involved our child in the process of picking out his bedding and really talked about it a couple weeks before we made the big move. I highly recommend convertible cribs. They are a great investment with time and money. We converted ours straight to a full size bed. I love we can all fit now when we do bedtime routine and our night time stories. Also, we don’t have to convert him again down the road. He can grow into the full size bed for many years to come. We personally skipped over the toddler bed because he was already 3.5 years.

3. Potty Training. Lets talk potty training really fast, another good reason parents move their babies over to big kids beds is because they are potty trained. I still wouldn’t rush the process if yours are potty trained. My were potty trained at 22 months and wore a pull up at night for a while. There is no need to rush the process even if your kiddo is potty trained. Especially, if you just tackled the potty training. Two BIG changes at the same time can back fire on sleep for everyone.

3. Hatch Baby Light. This product is amazing and a must get. It connects to your phone and it encouraged my kid to stay in his bed till it turned orange and blue or whatever he picked out. This worked like a charm. Since he is older now we don’t have an issues and will pass the Hatch baby to his sister. He knew he wasn’t allowed to get out of bed till 7am. There is away you can set it to program the same time for morning and we used it for nap time as well. You can also use it for quiet time. When the light goes off quiet time is over. This is a big must have!!!

4. Bunkie Board. When we moved Trevor over to his full size bed it was way too high for my liking so we purchase Bunkie board to replaced the box spring which made it lower to the ground just in case he fell off. This is optional but we still love it to this day. He has fallen off his bed a few times during the night and he was totally fine. I would for sure invest in one of this if your big kid bed is super high off the ground. We also pushed his bed onto one wall so he only has one side too fall off. If you have never heard of a Bunkie board like me here is a link. It really helps ensure safety.

5. Bedding. We made this fun. We shopped online and even went to Wal-Mart to brose. Let your kiddos pick out their own bedding so they are excited and love it!! We went with dinosaurs.

Finally, when we made the transition I for sure thought my wild high energy little boy would be coming downstairs or roaming the house and he does not. He stays in his bed and most of the time I still go up to get him. So don’t stress out Mammas. The switch can be very easy and fun. You just need to be prepared and make sure it comes at the right time. Not necessarily at a convenient time for you. It has to be the right time for them. My little girl keeps commenting that she wants a big girl bed and she is 3. I think after summer will be moving her over and I am trying to prepare my heart for this. She could totally move now, but Mamma bear is not ready for my last baby to be out of a crib. I hope this article helps you during your transition. Please comment below and let me know how it goes. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to my Mamma Tribe. You got this. Good luck! If you find this article helps you please share it. Thank you.

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