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Mammas Who Dream, Create Children Who Dream.

BUCKET LIST. Since we know this epidemic won’t last forever and we have a little more time to reflect and slow down. Dream with me. What are you wildest craziest dreams? What are the things on your bucket list? Have you made a bucket list before? It is a list of things you want to accomplish or do before the end of your time. MAKE A BUCKET LIST TODAY! 20 things you want to do before you die. That’s right. Hang it up and be reminded every day. If you are not doing something every day to bring you closer to your dreams and goals, that is all on YOU!

LETS DREAM BIG. That’s right, we see it everywhere on signs, on social media, in books, in magazines. Dream Big. Dream Big. Dream Big. However, so often life happens and we get stuck in this rut, this routine right? So to help you, I created a DREAM JOURNAL for you to download and print out to save and really reflect and audit your life right now. I mean do you really want life to go back the way it was before the pandemic or have you created a new one, a new norm that is just as beautiful? Can you pivot and shift and start moving closer to the things that bring you joy and happiness and not stress and burn out? Career wise, dream job, or what is your dream summer vacation? You may have a more practical mind and dream of paying off your home and cars so you can retire. Ok when, how, why? If you don’t have a road map you will just keep going around and around in a circle getting no where. So make your self a road map, and dream one up. Have fun with it!

GOALS. Visualizing your goals, your dreams can elevate your mindset. It can help to look forward to something, something greater, something deep down in your soul. So I will ask you again. What are your WILDEST CRAZIEST DREAMS? Only you know the answer to this. Say them out loud. Why not? We have this one single life to embrace. Have fun, write them down, and figure out a way to make it happen!!! The life you create is yours. DREAM BIG MAMMAS!!! Mammas who Dream, have children who Dream. Don’t forget that. You are their models, you are their hero. Be one. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Mamma Tribe for more inspiration. Cheers to dreaming up your very best life. We deserve it!!


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