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Milk and Balloon Magic: Easy Activities For Kids To Do At Home

Milk Magic

My kids love anything that involves science experiment or mixing. So we tried milk magic today and it was super cool and easy. Kids are always looking to explore and discover things. Milk is made up of minerals and fats and when you add dish soap to the milk molecules it makes it react. You would not see this without food coloring so that is a must ingredient for this activity. It takes only a few things from the kitchen that you probably already have. Had fun trying out these easy at home activities!


Full Fat Milk

Food Coloring

Dawn Dish Soap

Q-tips/Cotton Swabs

Milk Magic Steps

  1. Pour your milk into a baking dish or flat surface dish. You don’t need a lot of milk just enough to cover the bottom of the dish.
  2. Next, fill the top with drops of color. Mix them all up.
  3. Now pour a bit of your dish soap into a small bowl, touch the q-tip to the dish soap and bring it overt to your milk dish and gently touch the surface of the milk with q-tip. What happens?
  4. Magic.

Sensory Water Beads

Another fun activity my kids love are watching water beads grow. You can get this off Amazon and there are so much fun to add to a sensory bin. Once you put them in water its like magic and they start to grow into these squishy soft balls. They are so much fun for the kids to play with at home and easy to set up.

Blue Food Coloring and Water

I love adding blue food coloring to a big bucket of water. My kids will play hours with this at home. You can also give them some aluminum foil for them to make boats and add all sorts of fun things to the blue water. Again, super simple but they will play forever with it.

Balloon Magic

Last but not least.Balloon Magic. This was a lot of fun to do with the kids. Super simple. At the beginning I posed the question: What do you think will happen?


Ingredients: Vinegar, Baking Soda, Balloon, and Water Bottle


  1. Vinegar: Pour 1/3 cup of vinegar in any size water bottle.
  2. Baking Soda: Feel the balloon half way up with baking soda. We used a little funnel to help aid in this but not necessary.
  3. Balloon: Carefully stretch the opening of the balloon around the mouth of the water bottle.
  4. Chemical Reaction: Lift the balloon and watch it expand and magically blow up as the baking soda falls down into the water bottle mixing with the vinegar.
  5. Note: The gas from combining the two will cause the balloon to inflate. It is so fun. The more gas there is, the larger the balloon will get.

My kiddos did this over and over. The science behind it is basically when two gases mix (vinegar and baking soda) it creates carbon dioxide to bubble and foam which then expands the balloon making it self inflate.


I hope you enjoyed these fun creative activities you can do at home with not a lot of prep work. It really does bring out the kids imagination an creative side. Keep following my blog more inspiration and fun ideas.

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