Mother’s Day Gifts + Your Love Language

Oh so who knows their love language? If you have no clue what I am talking about head over to this website and take the quiz.

It is based on Dr. Chapman’s book and theory that we all have a dominate love language. What is yours? What is your spouses? Knowing each other’s love language can help strengthen your relationship tremendously. There are 5 types. I created a list of ideas that speaks love based on which type you are.

  1. Quality Time. This can be a surprise getaway weekend without the kids. A simple hike or walk with your partner, followed by candle light dinner outside on the patio, with movie night on the coach. How does that sound Mamma?
  2. Words of Affirmation. This can be a “I LOVE YOU” because flowers made by the kids and husband or a beautiful love letter. They can also leave you sweet post it notes telling you how much you are appreciated followed by a decorative box filled with notes with all the little things they love about you. Does this one speak to you? If so you loved being told how much you are loved.
  3. Gift Giving. Is your Love Language gift giving? Maybe your husband can surprise you with a personalized mug with pictures of the family, or you may like an Ink Card which can be personalized with pictures and inside a Spa gift card. Another good one would be having beautiful flowers delivered to your work or hoe. Lastly, maybe you just want a new iPad or Robotic Vacuum. You basically love receiving gifts and feel loved when your husband goes out of his way to buy you something.
  4. Acts of Service. This may be a simple act of your husband letting you sleep in while he takes care of the kiddos followed by breakfast in bed. Maybe, its just doing the dishes for you and cooking a nice dinner. Oh wait maybe he does laundry for you and washes your car. This will give you all the feels if Acts of Service is your love language.
  5. Physical touch. This may be getting a simple foot rub and massage when then leads to you know good ole intimacy. Maybe its a hot bubble bath or cuddling on the couch.

How do these Mother Day Gifts sound? Which one speaks volume to you? Leave a comment below and let me know what you wish you were getting for Mother’s Day this year. What brings your heart joy?? You deserve to be pampered every day but especially on Mothers Day!!!

What are your thoughts?