As I sit and start to grieve retiring my running strollers because my babies are getting way too big for them and too heavy for me to push up our rolling hills, I decided to write about my all time favorite strollers since becoming a Mom. In hopes this will make me less emotional about my kids getting bigger and can help another Mom not feel so overwhelmed about buying a stroller. In 2014, I got pregnant with my little man and the first thing I researched was the best jogging stroller. There are so many out there and it got very overwhelming but I just narrowed down the research for you. Here are my top 3 favorite strollers.

  1. The Bob Revolution. I love love love this stroller from day one. Make sure you order the attachment and you can start taking walks immediately as you attach your car seat. It is very durable and smooth for running and walking trails. We also bought a drink and phone holder that attaches to the handle bar. If you plan on having more than one kid I would go ahead and start with a Double Bob Stroller. I have ran many races with this one. 5ks and even a 10k. It was my saving grace to getting outdoors when I had 2 under 2.

2. The Baby Trend Sit n Stand is a great option too for Zoos, shopping, and its not as wide as the Bob. It is helpful for aquarium trips and just every day outings. I love the variety of sitting and standing options it provides for the kids to have.

3. We used the Maclaren for a simple light weight stroller to have at all times in the car. I usually would put my second baby Ava in this one while Trevor rode his balance bike or walked next to me. Once they got old enough to walk and not really need a stroller I would bring this one to carry our bags or if one of them go tired. I still occasionally use this one for my 3 year old but soon it will also be retired.

Now if you plan on running a lot and getting back in shape I highly recommend the BOB it is worth the money. The season we are in now I have not used the stroller in a while because now both of mine just ride their bikes as I run or walk. I will sometimes pull it out for a challenge and go on a long run with them. However, I will soon retire all of these strollers and there I will be reminiscing on all the sweet memories we made and all the things we would see on our outings together as a family. Investing in any of these at the beginning of your motherhood journey is very much worth it. So don’t hesitate to add these to your baby registry. In the meantime, I will continue grieving and accept the fact my babies are no longer babies.

What are your thoughts?