Nature Play

5 Fun Activities To Do During Quarantine w/Toddlers

  1. Teaching. Toddlers see everything with new eyes. Everything is new to them. Right now we are learning about all things bugs. I ordered a caterpillar kit and today they turned into butterflies and my kids let them go into the wind. It was beautiful to see the connection the kids made with “transformation”. I feel like we are all caterpillars right now waiting to fly out of this quarantine. What a great metaphor it makes. I try to have one activity a day planned for the kids with the intention of learning something. Keep following my blog for more learning fun we do.
  2. Biking. My second favorite thing to do with my kids right now is biking new places. We do our usually neighborhood trail but at-least once a week we go somewhere new to explore. Every single time we load up our bikes and go ride somewhere different makes for a fun adventure. We may find lady bugs, snakes, see geese, red birds, and beautiful painted rocks.
  3. Hiking. I love taking them on hikes and nature walks. I have them bring their nets and bug cages or a bag and we collect treasures of all sorts. We also walk to our neighborhood ponds and do some family fishing. There is always magic to be found when you are out in nature.
  4. Dinner.My all-time favorite things we have been doing are Family Dinners outside around our more picnic table. The weather in Texas has been much warmer so eating outside is beautiful. Give that a try, why not have picnics in your backyard.
  5. Independent Play.Finally, my most favorite thing to do is to just watch my kids play in the backyard. We’ve made a Ninja course, mud pancakes, science experiments, caught snakes, lizards, and butterflies. We’ve played t-ball, soccer, and tag. You name it we have tried it. I can see their imagination has flourished, their independent play is amazing, and their bond has grown into a sweet friendship all through outdoor play. I love love love watching them just play.

I hope you let your imagination run wild and think outside the box during this “stay at home” order. You never know what you will find and creative ways you can teach your children. You got this Mamma! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Mamma Tribe for more inspiration!

What are your thoughts?