Rockin’ Routines

Family Schedule

I think routines are essential for a successful, productive, smooth day. I wanted to write about our family routines in hopes this helps others establish a good one. Kids love to know what is coming next this creates a sense of peace and safety for them and I find when you have schedules and routines in place there are way less tantrums and behavioral issues throughout the day from the kids. We all thrive on our schedule and our days are more like a dance then a battle. Kids have a sense of peace and security when they know what is coming next so that’s why I highly recommend having schedules implemented in your day. If you don’t already have one, establish a daily routine just for a week and see how it goes. Here is a day in the life of our world.

6am I wake before the kids and usually stretch, journal, and get prepared for the day. I add snacks to their individual buckets and get their drinks ready and breakfast. Waking before them to have time for myself has been life changing. I love my me time in the mornings. It’s quiet, it’s still, it’s peaceful.

7-8am The kids wake and my little boy (4yrs) gets dressed himself and comes downstairs and I usually go up at 8am and get my little girl (3yrs) ready and up. We all come down and have breakfast and start our homeschooling or do the educational activity I plan for them on the night before so that everything is ready to go and prepared.

9am -10am We then take it outside on a bike ride, or a hike, or we go in the backyard. Usually something physical to get us moving.

10am-11am We come back and have a snack and usually the kids have free play at this time. They can go upstairs or backyard and usually it’s the backyard catching bugs or jumping on the trampoline. I use this time to blog, check emails, or housework.

11am-12pm At this time we have lunch. I usually put on a little movie for them to calm down while they have lunch.

12-2pm During this time we walk to the park and play kick ball or soccer or ride bikes again. Sometimes they just do free play again while I work on housework. Depends on the day and the weather.

2pm-3pm Quiet time. The kids go up to their rooms and can read, build legos, or do puzzles quietly till the timer goes off and then they can come back downstairs. Because they are so use to this and it’s now a habit they go right up. We just recently gave up naptime.

3pm-4pm While they play outside I get dinner prepared and they can also have screen time at this time. Watching PBS kids or ABC mouse. I like to make sure it’s educational but sometimes they will watch their favorite cartoon.

5pm-6pm We eat dinner as a family and sometimes we go back outside after and play tag or soccer. They also love playing a little upstairs before bedtime.

6pm-7pm Bedtime routine. Bath, brush teeth, bed time stories. Most of the time they pass out by 6pm and me and hub have the entire evening to ourselves and it’s beautiful.

Routines add so much calm to our day and keeps our days pretty simple. Before the social distancing we had so many activities. I was tired they were over stimulated and everything was chaos. However, now that we are on day #40 something with our quarantine we are officially use to our new normal and it’s not been so bad. I’ve enjoyed slowing down, watching them thrive, and create memories simply being at home.

I highly encourage routines especially with the younger years. What does your family routine and schedules look like during this epidemic? Is it more calming or crazy? How are you scheduling your days? Feel free to share with us! Cheers Mammas! Keep rocking it!!

What are your thoughts?