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The Best Outdoor Toys For Summer

Well we have been home for over 50 days now. These have been my kids go to toys for the backyard. They are 3 and 4years old and these things have been very helpful for free play espcially during this epidemic “shelter at home”.

Swimming Pool. Any thing that includes the water is a hit because the Texas summers are hot. If you don’t have a swimming pool and not sure the community pools will be open I would invest in a kiddie pool, water balloons, water table, or slipping slide. Mine love anything water and their laughter from any of these toys are worth the investment. I am glad we have accumulated these items. They have been very helpful during this time.

Trampoline. Toddlers have so much energy!!! They jump and play on our trampoline daily. They have their own personal games they do now on it and it is a great way to get out their jidders out! I highly suggest getting a trampoline for this age and its even great for the bigger kids.

Dome.The climbing dome is a major hit with my 4 year old. We got this back at Christmas. He is like a ninja on it and we also have fun making obstacle courses with it. My little girl is 3 and she doesn’t really climb on it yet but I know next year she will love it just as much. I love investing in toys they can grow in to.

Sand Play. Last but not least the sand pit is always a hit. You can also fill sand up in the water table and we usually get our sand from Home Depot, Walmart, or Lowes. We have made lots of mud pancakes and sand castles during this quarantine.

I hope this list helps you and inspires you to get the family outdoors. What are your favorite backdoor toys? Please comment and share below. Happy Summer!!!

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