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We Will Raise You Up

As I was putting y’all to bed last night, I wanted to hold you forever and protect you from this crazy world. I wanted to kiss you till you fell asleep and breathe in your child like scent forever and ever. But then as I told you I loved you, and kissed your sweet angel-like faces, I knew one day you were going to not be so little anymore. So I sat and reflected on how in the world were we going to continue to raise children in this generation?

We want to protect yall from those heartbreaks, and tell you to be careful with your heart and keep it safe from those who want to hurt it, but then we also want to show you how to love passionately and wholeheartedly and to not be afraid to share your heart with the world. Your dreams and creativity can make magic. So we will raise you up to be dream chasers and goal crushers. 

We want to protect you from all the negativity in the world, but we know we can’t keep you inside a bubble forever so we will raise you up to overcome pessimism by being strong, brave, and optimistic and by modeling these things ourselves. 

We want to protect you from hate and evil but guys it exists.  So we will raise you up to be loving and to be kind to everyone you meet because we need more people in the world who accept others for who they are no matter their religion, race, background, or ethnicity. We need kindness more than ever.

We want to protect you from failing at something you tried so hard at, but we can’t sweet children. Life is full of ups and downs, so we will raise you up to be fearless warriors when you want to fall weak and to be courageous and resilient when you want to give up.

We want to protect you from all life’s critics and tell you life is grand, full of rainbows, happiness, and love but guys it is also full of grief, depression, sadness, and pain. So we will raise you up to always express your emotions, to love deeply, to live in the moment, and to not sweat the small stuff, to dream big, to find your passions, because you are made for a purpose far greater than you know.

We want to protect you from all life’s obstacles you will face, but instead, we will raise you up to have grit, to have confidence so that you are prepared to face life head-on and whatever gets in your way you can draw from deep down inside and get through it. You are fierce toddlers so be fierce adults and remember y’all both have a heart of gold!

And no matter what we will always be your parents, we will love you unconditionally; we will love you through it all. We are honored God chose us to be your anchor in life.

So my dear amazing beautiful babies, always be the light in the room, the sunshine in the darkness, the sweetness in the bitter, the peace in the chaos, try to make the right choices, (the ones your hearts are telling you to make not your egos), travel the world when you can, always explore new things,  find what you’re truly passionate about and excel at it, be kind to one another, be gentle on yourself, find grace, give back to the world, and always choose love and you will have lived a really epic life!!! We love you forever.

Yours truly,

Your parents 

What are your thoughts?